Personal Wireless with Bluetooth


If you have a wireless connection for your PCs, you could be interested in the next step. Would you be interested that you could connect your PDA or cell phone MP3 player, and just about everything else connected to your computer was wireless? It’s already a possibility…

Personal Area Network.

Utilizing wireless networking on your personal devices is commonly known as PAN which stands for Personal Area Network. The concept is that in the near future the laptops that have batteries fully charged, and there will be no need to connect wires at all Simply put your Bluetooth device close to the computer and the computer recognizes it and is able to use it immediately.

Bluetooth has been in existence and has been in use since 1999 and it’s just becoming widely used. It was developed to be safe affordable, cost-effective and user-friendly since day one.

There are two types of Bluetooth which are popular use classes 1 and 2. The class 2 model is considered to be the more common and less expensive standard that allows users to connect to devices that are as far as 10 metres (32 feet) away. Class 1 is less common and more expensive, however you can locate devices that support it with ease, and it offers 10 times the range: 100m or 320ft.

How Does It Perform?

Bluetooth is more adaptable as compared to 802.11 wireless networks, despite the smaller distance. In essence, a computer that is Bluetooth-enabled includes a Bluetooth receiver built-in and can be used in conjunction with up to seven close Bluetooth devices. On the other hand, wireless devices don’t have to be connected to Bluetooth fitted if they can support Bluetooth — it’s already integrated.

Similar to 802.11, Bluetooth works by making radio signals in order to create the bandwidth. It’s not, however it is similar to an old-fashioned wireless mouse or keyboard that required the receiver to be connected into your computer ports, but did not have the reliability or range anywhere near the stability and range of Bluetooth.

A lot of computers have built-in Bluetooth and Bluetooth, particularly Apple Macs. If you’re looking to add Bluetooth to the computer that isn’t equipped with it already installed it is recommended to use an USB for a Bluetooth adapter, though internal Bluetooth devices that you can install into your PC are also available. If you own an laptop with have a spare PCMCIA slot to use, you could purchase Bluetooth cards for it too.

What can you do with Bluetooth?

Mobile phones that have Bluetooth are extremely popular and as are PDAs that provide instant synchronization of addresses as well as calendars to computers is an extremely useful feature. In addition, nearly everything that normally uses USB can be accomplished using Bluetooth such as MP3 players, digital cameras printers, printers, even keyboards and mice. If you go through the extensive list of Bluetooth “profiles” (kinds of gadgets that may be, theoretically, Bluetooth equipped) This includes wireless phones, faxes and headsets as well as video.

In essence the most important thing is that Bluetooth is a substitute for USB Some say that, while 802.11 Wireless networking can be described as an example of wireless Ethernet, Bluetooth is wireless USB.

Not only for Computers.

The power of Bluetooth is that it’s not solely used to connect devices to computers. It is able to be utilized for connecting nearly everything to other things when both devices are Bluetooth-enabled and recognize the one.

Mobile phones, specifically make use of this. Hands-free headsets usually utilize Bluetooth to connect with the phone. Certain vehicles, for instance include onboard computers that connect to the Bluetooth phone, allowing you to make hands-free phone calls regardless of where your phone is located inside the car (even when you’ve placed the phone within your trunk!)

In addition On top of that, Bluetooth devices can communicate with one another. This has resulted in users sending messages via the Bluetooth PDAs to people within close proximity and it’s not a particularly beneficial feature, but it is it is quite enjoyable. It’s known as bluejacking and the first documented example of it was of an individual who sent an Bluetooth message to a man’s Nokia phone while they were at the same bank. What was the message? ‘Buy Ericsson’.

Since then, it’s been possible to send pictures through bluejacking. This is believed to be the latest advertising method — yes billboards can communicate with your mobile which is known as bluecasting. If you find it interesting or not it’s your decision.

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