Protect Your Network From Identity Theft Now!


It is a fact that our lives and work are much more comfortable and convenient with wireless. It is possible to work anywhere, and that’s why wireless networks are becoming increasingly widespread. Particularly when you have broadband Internet access wireless routers allow you to communicate instantly with the rest of the world.

Imagine in the pool, having fun chatting on the Internet. Relaxing on your Jacuzzi enjoying your collection of MP3s is a dream for all of us. Unfortunately, a lot or all wireless devices don’t have security features that are already in place. It may not be an issue for those who are just creating a home network however there are many possible issues to consider.

Identity theft is the most significant issue. When your system is insecure then the personal information on your wireless device is also vulnerable. The order you placed for a book on Amazon might have disclosed your personal information and payment details to a hacker who is not scrupulous! Nearly every town where “WiFi” is a common feature is likely to include “War Drivers” and “War Chalkers” in the field. They are the people who are driving around town on wireless equipment and search for unsecure networks. The “Chalkers” continue to live up to their title by making marks on curbs, sidewalks, and other public places using chalk so that other users are more likely to locate and use your network.

Actually it’s not true that every “War Drivers” are hackers, but they are. Some just want to access your network at no cost however, there is a risk when you don’t know how to guard yourself. There’s usually plenty of information free about the best ways to protect your network on the site of the router’s manufacturer or simply by searching through a search engine, for terms such as “secure network for home use.”

There are your neighbors too who might come across your network on accident and are interested in your activities as well as accessing your Internet access as they please which can slow down the speed of your network while doing so.

A lot of businesses are using cheap devices that are home-based for their corporate networks. Because of the lack of security encountered on small-business wireless networks, anybody with basic understanding of wireless could gain access to sensitive company and customer information.

It is highly recommended you engage service providers to protect your network on your behalf otherwise, you’ll have to take on the possibility of being hacked. A quick search on the yellow pages of your area or a call to the local computer shop will provide expert assistance and help you keep your personal data safe again.

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