Reasons to Start a Wireless Network


Wireless networks have to be one of the greatest technologies in history, in my opinion. They truly are the greatest invention since bread. You may cut yourself on a piece of bread, but have you ever tried to set up a network? It’s a lot of work, as many would put it.

The wireless method of handling networking is WiFi. It is sometimes referred to as wireless networking and 802.11 networking. WiFi’s ease of use is a major benefit. Without the use of cables, you can connect PCs anywhere in your house or place of business. Computers can be as far away as 100 feet or so and yet connect to the network using radio signals. I’ll thus give you some excellent justifications for why you require a wireless network in the interest of spreading the message.

Internet access is shared.

There is no need for more than one modem when using wireless networking to share one Internet connection among several computers. Even better, you can just plug in a wireless card and turn on new computers to add them to your network; they will immediately have an Internet connection! Not many wired networks can make that claim.

sharing printers and files.

A wireless network makes it simple to synchronise the data on a laptop with a home computer and provides you access to your files from anywhere in your house. Compared to sending data over email or even burning a CD, using a wireless network makes this process more simpler.

Additionally, since printers plugged into one computer on the network are automatically shared among all the computers, you may write things down wherever you want, push print, and then go pick them up from a printer connected to another computer with the printer connected.

Continuous Connection

Broadband’s ability to enable always-on Internet connections without requiring a dial-up connection played a significant role in its uptake. Wireless networking, on the other hand, enables network connections to be always-on, so any of your PCs can access the Internet whenever you choose! It makes no difference where you keep your laptops because they will always have access. Furthermore, since wireless networks function without signing in, there isn’t even a requirement to set up a username and password system. It’s simply incredibly handy!

Not Another Wire.

Of course, this is the main argument in favour of converting your network to wireless. You’ll be happy to see the back of wires because they are cumbersome, expensive, unsightly, and dangerous.

Although the ordinary Ethernet cable doesn’t cost all that much per metre, after you’ve purchased enough metres to complete your project, well, costs may add up quickly. Additionally, you must tear holes in the walls to run your wire between rooms or levels, which may not even be permitted if you are renting. I am aware of several folks who had to keep their network contained to a single room in rental apartments until they went wireless. You may even take your computer outside if you wish to thanks to wireless networking!

Without cables, there won’t be any more spaghetti on the floor or in the corners. This not only makes your home safer because it’s so simple to trip over exposed wires, but it also saves you the trouble of packing up all the wires and reconnecting them at the other end when you move. Additionally, it implies that if your Internet connection fails, you won’t need to check each wire for damage.

Play online and LAN games.

You may have seen a LAN play option in your favourite game. Since wireless networks are LANs, your entire family can play that game together without the necessity for the computers to be in close proximity to one another. Playing against real people you know in person is much more enjoyable than playing against complete strangers online, not to mention that the game will run much faster. You could even have a “LAN party” and invite your friends to bring their laptops.

Another advantage of wireless technology is that it makes it simple to connect any game consoles you or your children may have to the Internet and begin playing online. With a wirelessly connected Xbox or PlayStation 2, playing online is much simpler than having to constantly connect it to your modem.

Persuaded Yet?

Keep reading these articles for advice on how to set everything up if you’re excited, which is fantastic. If you still don’t think wireless is for you, hang in there; I’m sure you’ll change your mind once you see how simple and affordable it really is.

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