The PS3 Games Mystery


The word is out The PS3 games console will launch simultaneously across the world in November. Although there is a global launch schedule to launch this PS3 games consolethere’s some doubts regarding its impact to the gaming market. In addition, experts in the field of gaming doubt that this global launch will assist Sony gain back market share because of the earlier launch that Microsoft’s Xbox 360. There are a myriad of theories about the reason why the launch of the PS3 continues to be delayed.

While Sony claims that delays are due to digital rights management, or DRM problems however, many analysts think otherwise. Analysts cite other pressing issues as the reason of delay in the PS3 games console’s delays in its launch. Eiichi Katayama Analyst from Japan-based Nomura Securities’ Financial & Economic Research says that the delays could be caused by the slowness in the development of graphics chips. Others suggest reasons like inadequate software titles. But, Sony is quick to dispel these rumors and repeated the issue of DRM in its Blu-ray optical drive.

Blu-ray chips give the latest console with a removable PS3 storage capacity which is five times larger than the capacity of storage offered by DVDs from older consoles. The reports that the Blu-ray feature and DRM features are nearly completed make them unlikely to be the cause delays. According to Katayama’s research the ROM mark and BD+ licensing have already begun, making the technology of copy protection an unlikely motive. Analysts believe that, if DRM technology actually causes delay, profits from the PS3 games console will not be affected in any way. If the reason are as they claim — development of the graphics chip and the impact on sales is likely to be among the worst in the history of Sony.

Sony does not agree with analysts’ assessment of the situation, and denies that the delays have put the PS3 games console and company in a disadvantage compared to Microsoft as well as Xbox 360. Xbox 360 hit the stores in the year 2000 and remains the most popular gaming console, based on market trends. Jennie Kong the Sony’s European branch’s manager of PR, defends the strategy of the company and says Sony does not allow it to be influenced by competitors’ actions. But, the past supports analysts’ view on the subject. It is worth recalling the fact that Microsoft and Sony had faced the same issue, however, now, Sony is ahead by having an early launch on their PS2 over the original Xbox. According to Current Analysis’ Steve Kovsky reminds that in the past, Microsoft suffered huge losses and clearly, Sony is set to suffer the same fate when it comes to PS3.

If Sony insists on a November 2006 launchdate, it grants gamers on the Xbox 360 a full year sales advantage. But it is important to note that the PS3 games franchise’s problems do not stop with the delays of the launch. Rumors and reports are spreading that, even prior to the launch of the game console, Sony is planning to prohibit resale. Many sources say that Sony plans to sell new consoles under the individual licenses they own. This effectively bans sales of second-hand consoles in person or through online stores like or In essence, purchasers purchase only the license to play with the consoles. Sony retains the ownership of the console. Game analysts say that this is a reasonable move, if it is proven to be by the facts. Sony needs all the support it could be given to boost the sales of the individual PS3 units.

The company has not made statements regarding the allegations of no licensing. They claim that all major announcements were made during this year’s E3 trade show, and that all other announcements will be announced on the PS3 games launch. The announcement, instead of stopping speculation, will only fuel the flame. However the case, there’s nothing gamers can do except go out and play PS3 games and then wait.

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