The Top 10 Sports Video Games Of All Time


There were a lot of video games featuring sports throughout the decades. In just a little over forty years, we’ve moved between Pong and Pong 2 to MLB 2K6 for the Xbox 360. However, the evolution of games doesn’t mean more enjoyable games. If a game is equipped with more flashy interfaces and superior graphics, it wont result in a better gameplay. This is the reason why many PS2 or Xbox games are destined to remain in the discount bins of the local game stores while classics such as NHL 94 and Tecmo Super Bowl continue to be lustred with by fans of sports. Here are my top 10 games of the best of all time:

10. Jordan Vs. Bird (NES) – Was the one-on one gameplay fantastic? It’s not so much. The game was ingenious with the three-point competition and the slam dunk competition way before it appeared elsewhere. This alone is reason enough to merit an appearance within the Top 10.

9. Madden 2005 (PS2, Xbox, GC) The jump from ’04 to 2005 was huge. In 2005, the hit-stick control was introduced as well as the defensive playmaker to bring the defensive control in line with the offensive. Franchise mode is basically the same as in ’04, however, that’s not always a good thing. One of my favorite things to do is create the new team. I like taking the weakest team in the league and transforming them into a formidable team. You can relocate to a new location and build a stadium, and then recruit actual NCAA players NCAA 2005. Overall, I enjoyed the game better than all other Madden. The 2006 version of the game didn’t make improvements to the game enough to be worth my time.

8. Punch-Out (NES) Who among the kids born during the 70’s and early 80s didn’t be able to spend hours fighting Tyson in the battle with Little Mac?

7. Madden 1994 (Genesis, SNES) – Based on my memories this game was amazing. I remember being able play alongside all the NFL teams as well as a plethora of teams from the past. It was among my favourite sports to play when I was when I was a kid. But, I’ve played it in the past and it’s a pain. It’s not even close to competing in the Tecmo Super Bowl. The game’s passing isn’t realistic and the running consists of pressing the spin button as the tacklers bounce off your running. It’s this high because of the way I used to enjoy it as a youngster.

6. NBA Live 95 (Genesis, SNES) The game may not have been real but it was an absolute enjoyable to race through the court, shooting threes and shooting alley-oops. It became the initial NBA game developed by EA that included every team and every arena scoring it points. In addition, it was the first game to use the camera with a 3/4 angle.

5. NFL Blitz (Arcade) – The football version of NBA Jam. The speed of scoring, the late hits and crazy rules like the ability throw multiple passes at the line of scrimmage. This makes this game a blast. This arcade game was superior to those on the PS and N64 versions.

4. NBA Jam (Arcade) – Between the arcade as well as the console versions I’ve played tons of NBA Jam. It’s among the most original games I’ve played. Who wouldn’t love playing with people while in mid-air, or striking three times in a row when they were burning? The game was a blast. The most enjoyable part was getting all the codes and playing with mascots , including Bill Clinton.

3. Little League Baseball (NES) I’m not sure why this game isn’t getting more notice for being one of the most popular NES sporting games. The gameplay is among the top that you can get from all NES baseball game. Pitching and hitting as well as fielding are all simple and seem very realistic. There’s something fun and distinctive about playing with the little league players. To my knowledge, this is the only small league game that has ever been played, but I may be incorrect. To add to the excitement certain teams are more successful than other teams. Are you looking for a challenge? Consider winning a tournament against Italy as the worst player in football. The replay potential of LLB is incredible and I continue to play it until today.

2. NHL 94 (Genesis, SNES) I love modern NHL games as than anyone else However, this is my favorite game ever. I continue to play it all the ALL THE TIME. The play quality is simply incredible. You can take away the goal-to-goal wrap and the game is quite real, especially when you consider how old the game is. And for the record, they’re in NHL 93 in Swingers but they are talking about the end from fighting NHL 94. It’s a bit odd, isn’t it?

1. Tecmo Super Bowl (NES) This game was a step ahead of its time. editing playbooks that could be edited and season-long stat tracking were amazing at the time. The game’s gameplay isn’t real, but it is amazingly similar. Because of this, the game continues to be very popular, and there are plenty of players on online teams. The development of emulators has enabled an editing process for rosters. I’ve played the game using rosters that date back to 2004. There are versions that include college rosters as well as USFL rosters. The bizarre gameplay peculiarities such as Bo Jackson being impossible to stop, fumbles that bounce everywhere as well as the ability to choose defensive plays based on guessing the offensive play 100 yards passes and so on make the game more enjoyable. This game will never ever, ever become boring.

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