About us

The Bonker Philosophy

We are DataBonker Technologies. We understand data, we pursue latest technologies,  developments and latest AI trends that are creating a buzz all over the globe. This platform is dedicated to the Information and Knowledge Sharing related to Tech and AI, Gadgets and latest updates on technologies. This is a digital publishing knowledge sharing platform from “DataBonker”.

We cover these topics and brings to you through articles, news and trends. We cover everything and anything about technology especially in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI), AI Chatbots, Tech and AI, useful gadgets, most satisfying gadgets, future technologies, best laptops, smartphones, blockchain technology, useful problem solving tips and much more.

Along with these, we also share different views and prospective with everyone related to growing technologies and topics, which can make our lives better and bring out positive change in our society.


The Bonker Vision

Our team consists of IT experts, technology and AI experts, data experts, technical writers and content creators.

We passionate about writing and sharing ideas that would help to bring positive change in everybody’s life.

Along with this, we collaborate with industry leaders and other fellow leaders from different industries to share their views through articles and shed light on important research, concepts and ideas that are sprouting around.

We also try to extract perspectives from sample of population as to what they think about different ideas and post them in our articles.
With a diversified portfolio we bring excerpts from the experts what they say about past, current and future developments.

Online Presence

Our online presence includes our presence on web with our network of websites, which are: