About us

The Bonker Philosophy

This is the Knowledge Sharing and Digital Publishing platform from “DataBonker”. We understand data, we know technologies, latest developments and trends that are creating a buzz all over the globe.

We cover them and brings to you through articles, news and trends. We cover everything and anything about technology especially in the fields of Computer Science,Data Science, Databases, Programming Languages, Hardware Devices, Cryptocurrency, IOT, Robotics, Chatbot and many more. Along with these, we also want to share different views and knowledge with everyone regarding other technologies and topics which affect our lives and might be helpful for us.

Other topics we cover include – Healthcare, Biotech, Automobiles, FMCG, Stocks, Businesses, Travel, Ideas and more general topics.

The Bonker Vision

Our team is passionate about writing, ideas and concepts and would like to bring positive change in lives through our content. Along with this, we collaborate with industry leaders and other fellow leaders from different industries to share their views through articles and shed light on important research, concepts and ideas that are happening around, how does it fare in future! We also try to extract perspectives from sample of population as to what they think about different ideas and post them in articles.
With a diversified portfolio we bring excerpts from the experts what they say about past, current and future developments.