How to calibrate the battery of our mobile

We are going to tell you how to calibrate the battery of your mobile, android and iPhone to achieve greater health and duration. It is something that many of you have heard of, but you are not very clear about what it is and what it is for, so we are going to put an end to your doubts and we will see how necessary it is.

For years the subject of the mobile battery has had some controversy due to the way in which it can be charged, its durability, degradation and even due to the appearance of certain myths, so we want to contribute to shed some light on this theme.

It is true that there are tricks to save battery to have more autonomy , but there will come a time when you have to change it permanently, but first it is convenient to carry out a calibration, a very easy procedure that requires some time , so it is something that you must plan.

Calibrate an Android mobile

As you are going to see now, calibrating an Android mobile phone does not have any type of complication and is extremely simple, but it takes a lot of time. These would be the steps that you should follow in the order indicated below:

  • Carry out a 100% charge: the first thing will be to fully charge the mobile and when it indicates that it is at 100% we must leave it for a few more minutes to make sure.
  • Use the mobile and download it completely: the second step is to use the mobile as you usually do and download it completely, that is, we must use it until the mobile turns off completely due to lack of battery.
  • Wait a couple of hours: the next thing is to wait at least between 4 and 5 hours to put it on charge again, so be patient and during that period keep the mobile off and without use. With this we achieve that any residual excess charge is released.
  • Charge again without turning on the mobile: after that time it is time to charge the mobile, although without turning it on. When we have a 100% charge, we must leave it plugged in for a few more minutes.
  • Normal use: the last step is to unplug it from the current, turn it on and use it.

These would be all the steps in order that you would have to follow to calibrate the battery of your Android mobile, as you can see, it is a process that can last a whole day, so you should do it at a very early hour so that you can give yourself time to all.

Calibrate an iPhone

In case you have an iPhone , you can also calibrate your mobile battery in a very similar way, since the steps hardly change, although there is a difference. These would be the steps to follow:

  • Charge to 100%: the first thing we will do is charge the battery to 100%, even leaving the iPhone a little longer with the charge connected.
  • Use the mobile and fully discharge it: the next objective is to make the mobile fully discharged, so you will have to use it until its battery runs out.
  • Wait between 6 and 8 hours: before putting it back on charge we must leave it between 6 and 8 hours without connecting it to the electrical network, so that it releases the excess residual charge.
  • Charge to 100%: now, without turning on the phone, charge until it reaches 100%.
  • Turn on the mobile: we turn on the mobile by pressing the power button together with the Home button.

If all the steps have been done correctly, the battery of our iPhone will already be perfectly calibrated, thus increasing its useful life and duration, a procedure that is recommended to be done at least once every 2 months.

What is the use of calibrating the battery?

Most of the batteries that are manufactured today for mobile phones are lithium-ion. These batteries are called ” smart batteries ” because they manage to have certain parameters that make them almost be considered with that adjective, for example, they stop charging when it reaches 98% to preserve its useful life longer.

Although these batteries should always function optimally, experience tells us that this is not the case and what is called “degradation” occurs, a procedure that occurs over the months in any battery of any mobile.

That is why it is important to calibrate the battery of our mobile , since problems like the one we have described in the previous paragraph could be solved just by performing a calibration every 2 or 3 months.

Tips to take care of your mobile battery

In addition to the calibration, which as we have seen is important, we are also going to see some tips to take care of the battery of our mobile , something that you could also apply to a laptop or other devices, so that it lasts as long as possible in good condition. .

  • Avoid extreme temperatures: try not to expose the mobile to extreme temperatures, both hot and cold because the batteries suffer in these environments
  • Prevents the mobile from turning off: except when you are going to calibrate the battery, it is not convenient to let our mobile turn off due to lack of battery.
  • Maintain a percentage of battery: it is recommended to keep the battery with a charge between 20% and 80-85%, try not to charge it more than that last percentage.
  • Better partial charges: there is no need to worry about making partial charges, that does not make the battery last less, it is better to carry out small charges than a complete one and thus maintain the fork that we mentioned in the previous point.
  • Use original charger: always use the original charger or at least one that is duly certified, but it is advisable to use the official one that corresponds to it.
  • Do not use the mobile while charging: it is not good for the battery to use the mobile at the same time that we charge it, although if you find yourself in need, use it for a short time.
  • Do not leave your mobile phone discharged for a long time: if your mobile phone has turned off due to lack of battery, you should know that it is not good to leave it in that state for a long time, even if you are not going to use it anymore because you have bought a new one, charge it from time to time and use it.

What is irrefutable is that autonomy is a fundamental part of our mobile and knowing the procedure to calibrate the battery will make its useful life and operation longer and more satisfactory over time.


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