14 definitive tricks to save battery on Android mobile

How to save battery on Android: One of the biggest problems that exist today is the lack of longer-lasting batteries in our Androids, despite the fact that some have very long-lasting batteries, the vast majority have an average of 35 hours of battery life, so today we bring you the Definitive tricks to save battery on your Android.

That a mid-range or high-end mobile phone has a battery life of a working day is very good, since almost everyone when we work we return home at the end of the day and put our mobile phones to charge, but the problem comes when we travel or go out several days from home.

When we travel or leave home, the risk of running out of battery on our Android comes into play, either because it didn’t have much before leaving or because we will be leaving for several days in which we don’t have much of a power outlet or external battery.

So, during the following article you will be able to see the best tricks to be able to save your Android’s battery as much as possible, and to be able to gain several more hours of duration until you can reload it again for a new day. Read on for the ultimate hacks.

Close background apps

Android phones that have hundreds of apps installed run the risk of more than one being in the background, consuming resources and worst of all, battery life, so it ‘s better that we close all apps that are in the background that we don’t use.

Normally some terminals automatically close the apps they do not use, but it is better that we do it manually to make sure that we close everything correctly. To close the apps in the background we will only have to open the multitasking panel and close all the apps.

Disable vibration as much as possible

All mobiles have a vibration motor, this motor needs energy, so if we deactivate it we can gain some extra time for battery life . Now, deactivating the vibration will be the choice of many, although we will tell you when it is better to deactivate it.

The best time to deactivate the vibration of the mobile is when we put the volume of calls and notifications to the maximum , since we do not need the mobile to vibrate to let us know that a notification has arrived or they are calling us, since we have the sound activated.

If your screen is AMOLED use pure blacks

AMOLED panels have a technology that takes advantage of darker colors such as pure blacks to turn off the pixels in which you notice the absence of color, so if you have an Android mobile with an AMOLED screen, we recommend that you use backgrounds with pure blacks to save drums.

Despite the fact that Samsung is the company that has AMOLED panels in all its terminals, there are many more brands that have joined in carrying these screens, although the price of the terminal is somewhat higher, also if you add the option of using black backgrounds the dark mode function you will be able to increase the battery life much more.

Use the brightness of your mobile correctly

The brightness of our mobile is the main cause of the battery consumption of our Android , so it is very important to use the brightness correctly, and, although using it in automatic mode is very comfortable, we recommend that you adjust it manually.

Some tips for the correct use of the brightness are, in dark places it is best to lower the brightness as much as possible because the screen has its own light and it will be seen perfectly. On the other hand, outdoors we have no choice but to increase the brightness whenever we need to see the screen clearly.

Reduce screen lock timeout

When our mobile is blocked, its battery consumption is significantly reduced since the screen is off. In order for the screen to lock automatically, we can adjust this option in the system settings, but we must set a low time.

It is clear that all these options are based on each user, as some users have no problem that their mobile phone takes several minutes to block, but if we want to save battery we will have to select a few seconds, in addition to saving battery we will improve the security of our Android .

Use “Energy Saving” mode whenever possible

Most Android phones have a way to save battery intelligently and its use is highly recommended because we can get several more hours if we use this power mode that we will have to activate manually.

Although we can also indicate that our mobile activates it automatically when the battery reaches a certain battery percentage, it is best to activate it ourselves.

In most mobiles, the energy saving mode reduces the refresh rate of our screen and changes the resolution in panels that support high resolutions.

Disable everything you don’t use

We know that it is very similar to how our mobile automatically connects to WiFi networks, or to Bluetooth devices as well as paying with NFC, but in the event that we want to save battery, you should deactivate all the options that you do not use.

WiFi, Bluetooth , NFC, Location Services, are the main enemies of our Android’s battery , since when we have this activated all the sensors and antennas are ready to receive data, as is the case of WiFi, which will always be looking for networks to be able to connect if they are open or remembered.

Turn off automatic updates

Google Play is always running in the background and every time we have an application update the app runs to be able to update the app when we are connected to a WiFi network, because in order to save a little more battery we advise you to deactivate automatic updates follow these steps:

  • The first thing you will have to do is open Google Play.
  • Access the settings by clicking on the upper right button with the image of our Google profile.
  • Now click on “Settings” .
  • Find and tap on the “Network Preferences” option .
  • Click on the “Update applications automatically” option .
  • In the window that appears you will have to select the option “Do not update applications automatically” .

Keep your Android away from extreme temperatures

Although it may seem unbelievable , heat and high temperatures are one of the biggest enemies of batteries and our mobile phones, which is why it is highly unadvisable to take our phones to the beach in summer as they can reach temperatures of up to 50 degrees and degrade the battery very Quick.

All this degradation means that our mobile needs to make an extra effort and that in order to perform all the tasks that we want, an optimal temperature is needed, so high or very low temperatures are not recommended, By the way, never put the mobile in the fridge to cool it down 😃.

Keep an eye on the automatic synchronization of your accounts

When you configure an Android mobile you always have to add a Google account which by default is left with the option of having automatic synchronization activated, either to receive emails or notifications from your account.

Well, if you add any more you will have to deactivate automatic synchronization or delete the account in the event that you do not use it , such as deleting the rest of the accounts that you do not use so that the mobile does not need to synchronize said accounts.

Prioritize WiFi networks before data networks and disable GPS

Believe it or not, WiFi networks are much more stable than mobile networks , so when we have the opportunity to use a WiFi network we will be consuming less energy and therefore we will have a longer battery life, but if you are not going to use it turn it off, because your Android will always search for networks.

Location services and the apps that access them constantly are one of the main ways to escape the battery of our Android. So if you are not going to use them, it is best to deactivate the GPS on the mobile. Only activate, when you need it.

Turn off your mobile when possible

Although it seems obvious since a mobile phone that is turned off does not consume energy , if you think that you are not going to use it for a while, turn off the terminal and forget about spending more battery than necessary.

Also, a tip is that you charge your mobile when it is turned off because the battery will suffer less although the technology they have is advanced enough to suffer as little as possible, but if you have the opportunity, do it with the mobile turned off.

Use an external battery

There are many times when we do not have any plug or cable with which we can charge our mobile phones, but thanks to portable batteries you can always have your mobile phone’s battery full.

There are many external batteries for our Android , so you can choose the one you like the most, since they come in different shapes, colors, sizes, and charging capacity, some even have fast charging.

Store music on mobile locally

Applications like Spotify that use streaming music make our mobile consume more energy and therefore the mobile battery is used up sooner, so to save we have some simple tricks.

Store your music locally, although with Spotify you need a premium subscription, if you do have one, it’s best to download the music you have in your playlists and thus be able to use the app offline to save battery life.

These are our definitive tricks to save battery on your Android, since many of them seem obvious, but many users are unaware of them. So with this guide, you will be able to make your battery last many more hours and you will not have to suffer to charge your mobile as soon as possible. possible.


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