AI Sana: The India Today Group has revealed the nation’s first AI anchor Sana for Aaj Tak

AI Sana Introduced: An AI News Anchor or AI News Reader or AI News Presenter is a computer-generated virtual anchor who communicates news and other information to the viewers using artificial intelligence and natural language processing. It is possible to programme AI anchors to replicate human motions and movements, as well as to have a human-sounding voice. They frequently provide news updates, weather forecasts, and other information in news broadcasts.

One of India’s top news outlets, India Today, has introduced an AI-based newsreader dubbed “AI-Sana” to deliver the news on their website. The anchor is intended to read and convey news to the public in a human-like manner using artificial intelligence.

Sana, the first AI correspondent for Aaj Tak, was presented by Kalli Purie, vice-chairperson of India Today, during the 20th India Today Conclave, which got underway on Friday.

Purie said of Sana, “She is brilliant, beautiful, ageless, indefatigable, speaks multiple languages, and is totally under my authority. From this week on, the first AI broadcaster will give us daily news reports in multiple languages several times per day.

In this post, we’ll talk about AI-characteristics Sana’s and advantages as well as how it can affect the journalism business. We will also look at the difficulties AI-based news anchors can have as well as the moral ramifications of their usage in journalism.

AI Sana
AI Sana (Image Courtesy: India Today)

Aaj Tak News Anchor AI Sana Introduced: The India Today Group has recently revealed the nation’s first AI news anchor

Modern natural language processing algorithms underpin AI-Sana, allowing it to comprehend and analyse news scripts in real-time. Advanced machine learning algorithms are also built into the system, allowing it to learn from past newscasts and get better every time it is used.

As it offers a dependable and effective means to convey news without the need for human anchors, the introduction of AI-Sana represents a crucial turning point in the evolution of news presentation. The way news is delivered in India and elsewhere is projected to change thanks to AI-Sana as the need for news content and dependence on technology both increase.

Lets have a deeper look on the same

A female artificial intelligence (AI) news anchor named “Sana” was introduced to the public by the Delhi-based news network India Today, following the lead of Chinese AI-powered news anchors.

When AI-powered bots proved to be increasingly effective and made it possible to provide gratifying outcomes with less work, the mainstream media underwent a change.

Vice Chairperson Kalli Purie announced the collaborative AI bot anchor Sana at India Today Conference 2023. She knows several languages, is bright, gorgeous, ageless, and fully under my control.

Sana will deliver many times per day daily news updates in a variety of languages. She will talk about one important topic in a new episode every day. Also, Sana will perform a piece that will allow questioning from the audience.

Sana “does not reduce the talent of real-life anchors who will be educating her,” according to Purie, in terms of continual innovation. Soon, Sana will have a human surrogate editor and perhaps some help.

According to Purie, humans and AI are working together to create magic rather than competing with one another. She said, “The future is both fascinating and terrible, and it is already here. Also, there is a lot of pressure on the media from political parties, business organisations, foreign countries, and egotistical individuals. She was alluding to how the media is frequently criticised and referred to as “godi media.”

Aaj Tak News Anchor “AI Sana” to join Sudhir Chaudhary on Black & White

Along with Sudhir Chaudhary, Sana will co-host the programme. The 9 p.m. slot on Tuesdays in Week 46 saw the highest show telecast rating, according to Black & White, which airs on Aaj Tak. The programme debuted on July 19, 2022, and has been gradually expanding since then.

Advantages of having AI Sana

An AI-based news anchor named AI-Sana provides India Today and its viewers with a number of features and advantages. Following are some of its main characteristics and advantages:

  • Real-time news reading: AI-Sana is able to read and deliver news in real-time, giving viewers the most recent information.
  • Presentation that mimics that of a human: The AI anchor is made to provide news with authentic facial expressions and intonation.
  • Constant performance: Without the unpredictability that human anchors may display, AI-Sana can offer information with accuracy, speed, and consistency.
  • Cost-effective: AI-utilization Sana’s may result in lower expenses for things like pay, training, and health benefits for human anchors. AI-Sana is available around-the-clock and can deliver news updates to the public whenever they need them.
  • Support for many languages: AI-Sana enables India Today to deliver news in a variety of languages to its multicultural readership.
  • Learning capability: The AI anchor can learn from previous news presentations and improve its performance with each use, ensuring that it delivers high-quality news to the audience

While AI-based news anchors like AI-Sana have a number of advantages, they also confront a number of difficulties and ethical dilemmas in the field of journalism. The following are some difficulties and moral questions to think about:

  • Absence of human touch: One of the main problems with adopting AI-based news anchors is that the news is presented without any human touch. The empathy, emotion, and judgement that human anchors contribute to the transmission of news are absent from AI-Sana, despite the fact that it may convey news in a manner that is human-like.
  • Bias and accuracy: In order to comprehend and analyse news, AI-Sana and other AI-based news anchors rely on algorithms and machine learning. As a result, if the data they were trained on is biased or lacking, they may be subject to prejudice and mistakes.
  • Transparency and accountability: As AI-Sana is a computer, it is not capable of either and cannot be held liable for its deeds. This can raise questions regarding openness and accountability in news reporting, especially in scenarios where AI-Sana may offer inaccurate information.
  • Displacement of human anchors by AI-based news anchors may result in employment losses as well as a potential loss of knowledge and experience in news presentation.

The employment of AI-based news anchors raises moral concerns regarding the use of technology in journalism, especially in situations when AI-Sana might be employed to propagate incorrect or misleading information or sway public opinion.

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