Games to improve communication skills

Games to improve Communication Skills: Communication is an essential skill, whether in everyday life or in the workplace. However, it is sometimes difficult to understand others or to be understood. Like all skills, communication can be improved through exercise and practice. Improving your communication skills is not necessarily tedious or restrictive, on the contrary.

There are indeed games that work on our ability to communicate and understand others, here are some of them.

So if you want to improve your sense of communication in order to be more attractive or simply more comfortable in society, these games should help you.

The werewolf game, knowing how to communicate so as not to be eliminated

A well-known role-playing game that is played in groups, the werewolf separates players into different statuses. The villagers on one side, the werewolf on the other and several characters on the side depending on the number of players available. The principle of the game is very simple: Flush out the werewolf if you are a villager and do not get caught if you are the legendary creature.

Whatever role you play, you are going to have to convince others. If you are a villager wrongly accused, you will have to defend yourself, or on the contrary argue to try to rally the others to your theory accusing a villager of being the werewolf. By working on your repartee while observing others to flush out the beast, you will be working on your communication skills without even knowing it.

In the same register, the theater is also often an excellent exercise to improve one’s sense of communication, whether in the verb or in the gesture. But, for non-verbal communication, there is another game that stands out.

Poker, a perfect exercise for non-verbal communication

Poker is undoubtedly one of the games where non-verbal communication is the most important. Learning the game will be an opportunity to practice unusual things. The champions of poker are thus impassive when they discover their different hands, whether it is a four of aces or a game much less brilliant.

Much more than a simple game for all lovers of this discipline like chess, learning to play poker also means being educated in a different form of communication where words do not count as much as in everyday life. .

It is indeed a question of observing your opponents while trying to appear as impassive as possible. This management of both your own person and the observation of others will highlight the importance of a posture, a look or a gesture, allowing you to gradually detect signs for to be able to understand others without them speaking.

At the same time, you will learn to close your body to the natural reactions that your moods and feelings provoke, thereby improving the control of this non-verbal communication. This is a game that allows you to work on two aspects that are often neglected when you want to improve your sense of communication.

Escape games, communicate to get out faster

The  real phenomenon of escape games could not escape you. In the form of a small box or in a dedicated space, this game is an excellent way to improve in the art of communication. Stuck with your family or friends in a themed room, you will have to solve puzzles to be able to escape as quickly as possible.

Escape games are often designed to be games where everyone plays a role and can move the group forward. This game will allow you to work on your communication in stressful situations. You will quickly have to convince your group of the validity of your idea to get out of there or move on to the next stage of the game.

Beyond that, you will also have to learn to trust others and therefore listen carefully to what everyone has to say. A real exercise for reserved people, but who have no fewer ideas than others who are a little more talkative.

Communication Skills is a skill that will be useful in all phases of your life. Communication skills are needed everywhere, be it job or business. For many of us, just hearing the name communication skills scares us. In fact, there is no other skill as easy to master as communication skills.

What exactly are communication skills?

Communication skills are the ability to understand information given by others and to be able to convey what you want to say. Put more simply, if you understand what I’m saying and if I understand what you’re saying, that’s communication skills.

The method of communication mainly depends on the time-opportunity and the situation. For example one can adopt various methods like oral face-to-face, written, group meeting, notice board, visual etc.

Again there are some means of communication which are equally dependent on time and situation. Such as face-to-face, letter, memo, report, noticeboard, fax, mobile phone, e-mail, comment, video conference, video message and even body language is a means of communication.

Bonus: 6 things to focus on to improve communication skills:

1. Listening skill

Being a good listener is one of the best ways to be a good communicator. Of course speaking well is important, but more important is how attentively you listen to others. If you are not a good listener, you will not understand what is being said or meant.

2. Body Language

When you talk to someone, your posture, hand gestures, eye contact, speech, everything is noticed by that person.

Especially when talking to a stranger for the first time, they form an idea about you within 30 seconds.

What you talk about is important, but how you say it is more important. Your words must have a polite tone.

3. Clarifying and summarizing

Many of us have seen talk shows on TV. If you notice, some guests take too long to speak and run out of time before they get to the point.

For example, many say, “Thank you very much for inviting me.” I am very happy to come here. Pointing to the introduction, I want to inform my countrymen, dear visitors, my well-wishers through you, that I should have said it earlier.

I can say because of busyness, anyway now I got a chance to say now, I know my opponent will never take this well. No one understands what he really means by speaking in this way.

In the meantime his time ran out, after which he again complained that I was not given time. In fact it can never be the quality of a good communicator.

When you say something to someone, it must be clear and concise.

4. Regional and cultural knowledge

Being friendly doesn’t mean everyone is our friend. A skilled communicator must have regional and cultural knowledge.

You will never be a good communicator if you go to the village and speak English sentences verbatim.

Consider again, in America a student can call his teacher by name, it is their culture. This culture cannot be applied in our country.

5. Speaking with complete information

A skilled communicator certainly does not speak half or incompletely. Suppose you organize a meeting and your corner asks an employee to inform the others.

If you don’t tell the specific date, time, place then your employee can never tell others. So your words should be full of information.

6. Self confidence

You must be confident to improve communication skills . Especially in work life, if there is lack of confidence, one cannot go very far. If you do not speak with confidence, others will not accept your words. At the same time, you must always be sure to listen to the other person and be empathetic.


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