Is your Android slow? Improve android performance with these tricks

Improve android performance with these tricks: Our Android mobile accompanies us everywhere and many users have done so for years, despite the fact that there are also many users who change their terminal, mobile or smartphone once a year or at most two.

But for those who keep it, improving Android performance is essential and with these tricks you can improve the performance of your mobile in the event that it is slow.

Android is a system that is in the vast majority of mobile phones in the world, despite this it has a robust ecosystem, but like everything, it degrades over time and even more so with very high use for surely. Once you have heard someone say that their mobile is slow, then teach them these tricks to stop it and how to increase android performance or smartphone speed..

It is clear that high-end and high-performance terminals hardly require performance improvement , since they always work correctly and quickly, hence their high price in most cases. So let’s get down to business and see the best tricks to improve the performance of our Android mobile.

Restart Terminal

Although it may seem silly, our mobile may work poorly or slowly due to a specific problem, so the first thing we will have to do is restart the mobile despite the fact that they are made to always be on.

It never hurts to restart the mobile, in our case we do it periodically, once a month, more or less because some applications may have created a conflict with others and is causing a problem. So we recommend that it be the first thing you do.

Keep your Android and apps updated

One of the biggest problems that many users have is that they do not update their mobiles for fear of losing data or in the event that they are less experienced users, they do not want to touch anything, but manufacturers often release important updates to solve many problems.

The same thing happens with apps, application developers release app updates so that they are kept up to date and they always work correctly, so you will always have to have the apps updated.

Force close apps that are left open

It may be that for many reasons an application remains open in the background consuming all the available resources of the mobile, even if you are not using that application, so you will have to force it to close.

To force the closing of an app, all you have to do is press and hold the application icon and access the information panel that appears, you will automatically go to the settings and you will be able to force the closing of the app without problem.

Use wallpapers as dark as possible

Currently, the vast majority of Android phones have an AMOLED screen , screens that when the pixels are off do not consume energy, well, one of the tricks for this is to use pure black backgrounds, since this type of screen detects the absence of color and therefore Therefore, it turns off said pixel so as not to waste battery.

In addition, this type of configuration together with the use of dark mode makes our mobile go a little faster, it is true that we will not notice a great performance, but an improvement if we combine it with the rest of the tricks to improve the performance of your Android mobile.

Disable Android animations

Android is a very nice system, also with the arrival of Android 12 where it seems that an excellent design job has been done, the animations , transitions and effects of the terminal are very nice, but they consume resources , so to improve performance we will have to disable them.

To access the accessibility options of the mobile from the settings and search for the accessibility options, in Samsung mobiles we will have to search for the option “Vision improvements” within accessibility and then remove the animations.

Although this means that Android is not prettier, all the effects and transitions will be done instantly, so the mobile will consume fewer resources to be able to execute all the relevant tasks, such as switching from one app to another.

Delete apps you no longer use

Surely more than once you have installed many applications on your Android , such as games or apps that you have used once or twice, but that you have left installed on your mobile, well done, because the apps that you do not use must be deleted from your mobile .

It is one of the ways to consume resources that exists, since having apps installed and even if they are not in the background, the system has to be attentive to them to “wake them up” in the event that we want to open them, so this will make our mobile run slower.

Do a file cleanup on Android

There are hundreds of apps that promise to improve the performance of your mobile , but in reality the only thing they achieve is that advertising is added to them and we give permissions that we shouldn’t, luckily Google has an app that works great for this function.

We’re talking about Files, with this app we can thoroughly clean our Android in search of photos and files that we don’t need, because the more free space we have on our mobile, the faster we’ll get, which is why Files has different techniques to save space on Android.

Use the performance app on your Android

Before we have mentioned that there are many apps that promise the performance of our Android, but now many brands are implementing their own applications with which we can perform some maintenance tasks for our Android.

As is the case with Xiaomi, Samsung or Huawei, the mobiles of these three companies have an app focused on performance with which we can free up RAM memory by closing processes that are not used, or closing apps open in the background that consume a lot of resources. So, if your mobile has this app, use it from time to time.

Install a lightweight launcher

Most manufacturers have customization layers in their terminals, that is, very few mobiles have Android Pure , so the system may be somewhat slower due to said layer, but installing a launcher can greatly facilitate the performance of the mobile.

Nova Launcher is one of the best launchers that exist today , it is also an app that takes up very little space, but offers a lot and it is also free, with this launcher you will be able to speed up your Android a lot when performing some tasks, it also supports large customization possibilities.

Factory reset your Android

We leave for the last option the most radical measure that we have to improve the performance of our Android and that is that restoring the factory data of a mobile makes us lose all the data, and when we say all it is all, photos, apps, files and documents .

Undoubtedly with this option we will not make our mobile work like the first day , at least we will notice a notable improvement, since the degradation of the components also influences, but that no longer depends on us but on the mobile you have. Follow these steps to factory reset your Android:

  • Access the settings of your mobile.
  • Look for the “Reset” option in the settings, depending on the mobile you can find it in one area or another. In the case of a Samsung you will have to click on “General Administration” first.
  • Find and tap on the “Factory Reset” option . With this our mobile will restart and we will have to reconfigure it as if it were new.

These are the best tips and tricks to say goodbye to the slowness of your Android , because with all of them you can improve the performance of a terminal , no matter how old it is, you can also get it to work like the first day.


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