What is Google Chrome OS – Chromebooks and their advantages?

What is Google Chrome OS – Simple, fast, and secure, these laptops are perfect for working from anywhere, no matter how remote. Their powerful configuration, all-day battery life and light weight make them the most versatile device.

In this article we will address what exactly Chromebooks are, a family of laptops that use Chrome OS, Google’s operating system, as their base. Because when buying a new laptop it’s easy to ask yourself: what do I need? Am I really going to embark on a technical data battle?

Battery, ease of use, optimized performance and security are usually the key words, the essential requirements that any piece of equipment must meet. These are the pillars on which the Chromebook family has been built.


Within the PC world, Chromebooks are laptops that run Chrome OS, Google’s operating system born in 2010.

Unlike a Windows, OS X or Linux PC, these computers have been designed according to the current way we navigate and work. As with smartphones, these devices are designed to be used connected to the Internet and take full advantage of cloud synchronization, while also maintaining all their potential and intelligence when working offline.


Chromebooks have been designed by some of the biggest manufacturers on the planet, such as HP, Lenovo, Asus and Acer. And the goal is to give users the chance to find versatile equipment that doesn’t fill the message screen with configuration options, but rather advocates a balance between usability and customization.

It is, therefore, light, intelligent and powerful equipment, highly optimized and created to satisfy different tasks and uses:  from consulting recipes, editing documents, helping children with their homework , watching Netflix lying on the sofa, teleworking, studying , chat with our parents via videoconference, etc.


Like any product in the Google ecosystem, Chromebooks are simplified equipment so that any type of user can get the most out of them. Students getting their first laptop, freelancers who need a robust computer at all times, or even seniors looking to stay connected.

To use a Chromebook we only need to create a Gmail account, if we don’t already have one, log in and link it to access all our preferences and all the files stored in the cloud . And that’s it, we will have configured our team. Now let’s dive into its key benefits.


Regardless of manufacturer, all Chromebook devices pass the same strict security checks to be validated. It is not for nothing that they are very popular equipment in the educational sector where parental control is necessary.

More than 40 million students use them and they represented 10% of all computers sold in the world during 2021.

Chromebooks are specialized equipment that are updated every six weeks, guaranteeing automatic maintenance . At each login, the user who enters is verified, guaranteeing a process that detects any change, throughout a history visible only to its owner.

We can also add an additional layer of security, through ​two-step verification ​. Every time we want to log in we will need a companion device​ to confirm that we are the ones accessing the device​.

Finally, the new Chromebooks incorporate a fingerprint reader , which guarantees an additional layer of protection.


Whether we are connected to a WiFi network or in some remote place without connection, each Chromebook has all the integrated Google services, the well-known GSuite , so that we do not need to have extensive computer knowledge to solve any need.

Presentations, spreadsheets, survey forms, Data Studio, integration with Youtube and even an app to draw… all available from day one, completely free. Offline and online, being able to download each file to the local drive.


In terms of usability, all these devices have a 100% stylus-compatible touch screen, simplifying navigation between the menus and turning them into a work tool not only for us, but also for our children.

Chromebooks are the only computers where the user experience is as easy as your own smartphone or tablet.

Due to its own philosophy, the fleet of Chromebook computers provide a series of important differences with respect to other portable systems: operating system, integration and autonomy .


Neither Windows nor Mac. This operating system based on the Linux kernel takes advantage of Chrome as a user interface. If you’re familiar with the browser, it won’t cost you anything to get hold of the tabs and/or file explorer on a Chromebook.

Under this OS, not any application can be installed, so the computer is protected from unverified and potentially dangerous applications.

Under his philosophy, Chrome OS can be considered an iteration similar to the Android operating system on smartphones: ​ease of use, maximum energy use and balanced performance​.


As we mentioned before, having a complete suite of applications, a Chromebook is equipped from day one to address any basic need, protecting our files in the cloud.

Some of these applications are:

  • Gmail, to create and manage email accounts.
  • Drive, hard drive in the cloud to store and manage any content.
  • Photos, app from which to upload, edit, download photos, and even order books.
  • Meetand Google Calendar , with a service for videoconferences and an integrated calendar.
  • Chrome, the most widely used Internet browser.
  • Docs, for writing documents.


Sleek, minimalist, and transformable— from a laptop to a tablet or a 2-in-1 convertible —Chromebooks have been designed from the inside out to be as thin as possible and featherweight at around a pound.

The integrated graphics chipset and laptop-oriented processor guarantee ​extraordinary battery life ​.

Depending on our usage habits, the battery of any Chromebook usually lasts throughout the day . Inside, it uses a state-of-the-art processor that prioritizes the energy demand of the apps that we use at all times, and it intelligently adapts to our lifestyle.

Through these routines, ​Chromebooks ​do not slow down like other computers and stand out for their ​instant start​, without loading times or waiting to start a session, which saves time to start working and saves energy expenditure, extending the battery life of the equipment.


Chromebooks fall into two segments: price and screen size . All Chromebooks go from 11 to 15 inches , so depending on the use we give it, we can choose between one or the other.

If, for example, we work with spreadsheets on a daily basis, it will be important to have more screen to tackle the tasks. If we mainly seek to entertain ourselves by browsing the net, watching YouTube videos or our favorite series, then a smaller inch will save us energy consumption and allow us long marathons without wasting time.

As for the price range, all Chromebooks stand out as being really cheap. With a selection that goes  from €183.73 to €599 , depending on our budget and to whom it is directed, we will opt for one or the other.

If the Chromebook will be the first computer for our teenager’s homework, a superior computer will not be necessary, while if we are a senior user who is going to make it his reference computer, it will be convenient to bet on the highest available model .

In short, the family of Chromebook devices present a versatility that makes them the ideal option, solving the needs of any user , from the youngest in the house, the most techie, or the senior user who does not want complications and just you want to be connected to your loved ones.


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