Elon Musk unveils Grok AI chatbot to answer almost anything

Elon Musk new AI Technology Grok AI chatbot: Meet the latest model in the family of AI chatbots – “Grok AI“, the first technology out of Elon Musk AI company, “xAI”. On Saturday (04-Nov-2023), Elon Musk unveiled a brand new ai technology, expansive generative AI model called Grok AI.

Interesting part of this AI chatbot is – It is inspired by the “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.” And above all, it is not only designed to provide answers but also to suggest questions — which is an impressive feat, isn’t it!

Recently, during the conversation with UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, Elon Musk said, that we may reach a juncture where human employment becomes unnecessary and all human jobs will be replaced by AI 😮. Well, who knows?

Grok AI is latest from Elon Musk AI Company: xAI

This latest offering from big tech company X (ex Twitter) subsidiary xAI, meant to rival ChatGPT. Grok AI model, will soon be accessible to premium subscribers on Musk X platform after validating through rigorous testing.

Grok AI is integrated into X, formerly known as Twitter, and is known for its humorous responses. If you don’t like humorous responses, it is better to avoid it!

Grok AI possesses and have access to user posts on X, offering a penchant for sarcasm. With real-time data from the X platform (previously Twitter), it can tackle “spicy questions” often shunned by other AI models. We can say that, it will revolutionize tweet AI (Twitter AI, tweets using AI).

Despite being a four-month-old model with two months of training, Grok AI is still in the beta phase. Continuous improvements are going on and are in the pipeline.

Musk shared an example of Grok’s playful side, responding humorously to a query about creating cocaine. While it provided a facetious step-by-step guide, it concluded with a disclaimer urging people to not get involved in illegal and dangerous activities.

It’s worth noting that like other Large Language Models (LLMs), Grok AI can still generate erroneous or contradictory information. And should be used wisely and mindly.

Grok AI launch and growth is anticipated to pose a significant challenge to OpenAI ChatGPT. Both ChatGPT and Grok AI offer unique features, setting them apart from one another.

What is xAI or Grok AI?

xAI Grok AI is an artificial intelligence chatbot (AI chatbot), designed to engage with human language effectively, offering comprehensive, informative, and humorous responses. xAI company said that, Grok AI has been created to help and assist humans to learn, understand and gain knowledge.

Elon musk new AI company, xAI was launched in July with a team stacked with former employees of OpenAI, DeepMind and more. Earlier, musk was also part of OpenAI but later moved on because of ideology differences. xAI is hiring for job profiles actively and is growing at good pace. Elon Musk AI company website – Grok AI website.

This AI chatbot relies on Grok-1, a large language model meticulously trained on a vast dataset encompassing text and code.

Grok’s versatility shines as it helps and assist users in various tasks. Whether, you want answers to your questions or retrieving information to creative writing and coding support, it excels in every part.

Grok AI thrives on the capabilities of the Grok-1 Large Language Model (LLM), a product which only has life span of four months development and still at the early stage.

The initial prototype, Grok-0, was equipped with 33 billion parameters, showcasing capabilities on par with Meta’s LLaMA 2, which boasts a massive 70 billion parameters.

Grok vs ChatGPT vs Others

Initial tests to check GrokAI efficiency and effectiveness are conducted, which were focused on middle school math problems and Python coding tasks. According to the company, Grok AI outperformed many strong models in its computational class ability, including ChatGPT-3.5 and Inflection-1. However, it fell short when compared to bots with larger datasets, which are more trained and tested.

Some benchmarks are, Grok-1 achieves a 63.2% score on the HumanEval coding task and 73% on MMLU. While it doesn’t match the capabilities of GPT-4, xAI asserts that they’ve made significant performance improvements in Grok-1 over Grok-0 in a relatively short time.

In terms of benchmark performance on GSM8k, designed around middle-class math word problems, Grok-1 achieved 62.9%, surpassing GPT-3.5 and LLaMa 2 but trailing Palm 2, Claude 2, and GPT-4.

Similar outcomes emerged in other benchmarks like MMLU (multi-choice questions), HumanEval (Python code generation), and MATH (math tests for middle and high school). xAI also hand-graded Grok-1, which passed the 2023 Hungarian national high school math finals with a C grade (59%), surpassing Claude 2 (55%), while GPT-4 scored a B grade at 68%.

These results clearly indicate that Grok-1 surpasses OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 in capabilities but falls short of the latest GPT-4 model.

Grok AI Pricing and Availability:

Grok AI beta version is currently accessible to a restricted user base within the United States. Soon, it will be extended to X Premium+ subscribers, priced at Rs 1,300 per month when obtained through a desktop subscription.


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