The Oshi no Ko Manga Makes Sure You Identify with Ai Hoshino

The Oshi no Ko Manga Makes Sure You Identify with Ai Hoshino: It’s not unusual to come across compelling characters in the manga and anime worlds who connect with readers on a very deep level. These personalities end up being our confidants, friends, and occasionally even our alter egos. Among the most recent manga publications, “Oshi no Ko” stands out as a series that expertly crafts its story around an engaging and likable protagonist. The main character of this manga, Ai Hoshino, has traits and experiences that compel readers to enter her world.

Akasaka Aka, the author and illustrator of the critically renowned series “Kaguya-sama: Love is War,” presents us with “Oshi no Ko,” a narrative that combines aspects of mystery, romance, and psychological drama.

The hardships, aspirations, and feelings that many of us have gone through at some point in our lives are personified in the figure of Ai Hoshino. The manga begins with a focus on Ai’s journey as an aspiring idol, examining the difficulties and sacrifices she must make in her quest for success and notoriety. As readers learn more about her story, they can’t help but identify with her aspirations, anxieties, and underlying conflicts.

The ability of “Oshi no Ko” to fully immerse readers in AI point of view ensures a deep identification with her persona. Readers are able to feel the weight of Ai’s decisions and the effects they have on her relationships and personal development thanks to Akasaka Aka’s superb ability to convey the core of her feelings.
Ai’s character is given more depth and variety through the manga’s depiction of her nuanced interactions with the other characters. Her interactions with her management, other idols, and even her own followers provide insight into the complexities of interpersonal relationships. “Oshi no Ko” explores themes of trust, betrayal, and the pursuit of authenticity via these relationships, reflecting the complexities and difficulties many of us experience in our own lives.

The manga urges readers to look into why others admire Ai Hoshino before we meet her in Oshi no Ko volume 1. This illustration demonstrates her trust in him. This young girl saw an idol and lived vicariously through a sound despite being ill. We examine how the patient is able to recognise his talent once the initial connection with the patient emerges, according to Dr. Gorou.

So that we might witness her development into something amazing when she becomes pregnant at a Gorous hospital. But he no longer lives on a pedestal; he now lives among us. She is a female of 16 years old. She is too self-centered to continue working because she is well aware of how idols are made and why it is hard to hide them. This girl, who was raised alone and went to work for a cause, tells us that she is enjoying herself and is motivated to have children and pursue her passions. The first volume of Oshi no Ko finally gave me hope that she could help herself, and he wants to help her.  

In her first interview after her break, she almost confesses to having twins. Due in part to their former lives, both of her children look up to and adore her, but with Aqua, a particular kind of person, she has witnessed firsthand the difficulties she faces as well as their price and repercussions.

Aqua is a major developer and contributor to the entertainment sector. She is so adorable that we like seeing her become engaged in a TV. How much cash is necessary to get her attention? Most importantly, Oshi no Ko never runs from the scariest parts of her line of work. That is foreshadowing, just like the flash forwards that allude to what’s to come, and when the terrible time occurs, it will all come to pass.

We observed how Ai gave us the advantage in that brief moment. She is focused on everything. We’ll see what transpires because she is beginning a life and is in love with her children. Nevertheless, we go here so she can have one last formative experience with Aqua and Ruby.

The Oshi no Ko manga’s first volume is a tribute to Akasaka’s storytelling and character development, but both make sure that Ai Hoshino doesn’t matter to the reader until the very end. The series will come to a close with how we view one another from various angles. The bond we established with them as a result of the connections was made stronger by our success.

Oshi no ko Characters

Oshi no Ko” is a manga series written by Aka Akasaka and illustrated by Mengo Yokoyari.
  1. Shiro Kakei: He is the main protagonist of the series. Shiro is a high school student who becomes a manager of a popular idol named Akari. He has a serious and determined personality.
  2. Akari Nagasaki: Akari is a popular idol who is initially managed by Shiro. She is known for her beauty and talent but also has a cold and distant attitude. She forms a unique relationship with Shiro.
  3. Haru Akechi: Haru is another high school student who works as a manager for the idol Hikari. She is friendly and energetic, contrasting with Shiro’s personality. Haru and Shiro form a rivalry as managers.
  4. Hikari Oono: Hikari is an idol who is managed by Haru. She is described as being the complete opposite of Akari in terms of personality. Hikari is cheerful and positive.
  5. Aoi Ogiyama: Aoi is Shiro’s childhood friend. He is a talented musician and songwriter who helps Shiro in managing Akari. Aoi has a calm and composed personality.

Is Oshi no Ko based on a true story?

It recommended that anyone having mental health issues call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline while stating that “Oshi no Ko” is a work of fiction. This note is a crucial step towards recognising the potential effects that such content may have on viewers, even though it is not legally required.

How many chapters are there in Oshi no Ko manga?

As you can see, Oshi no ko manga has a rather straightforward general framework. Most of the time, the plot develops linearly (though there are occasionally flashbacks), and there are nine narrative arcs in the 113 chapters that make up the series.
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