Facebook introduces ‘Lock Profile’ option in India

Facebook introduces the ‘Lock Profile’ option in India: In today’s digitalized society, everyone is familiar with the use of social media. Social media can be used by individuals to communicate with others around the world. Nowadays, social media not only spreads news and buzz about events but also advertises businesses and gives users a list of their available options. Social media is something we are all familiar with. On the website Facebook, users can create free profiles and communicate with friends, coworkers, and random people online. It enables users to share as many people as they wish with their own thoughts and opinions, as well as photographs, music, movies, and articles. In India, there are a minimum of 349.7 million active Facebook members. In order to protect its users, Facebook has recently made its lock profile features available in India. We’ll examine Facebook’s lock profile features in this article.


Facebook users in India now have the option to entirely “lock” their profiles so that only their friends can view their posts, photographs, and videos. The software giant’s most recent action is to give customers, particularly women, We are committed to providing people a safe place to express themselves. We are well aware of the worries Indians, especially women, have about protecting their online identities. Aankhi Das, Policy Director at Facebook India, stated, “Today, we’re announcing a new tool that, with one simple step, will give individuals a lot more control, preserve their privacy, and keep them safe and secure online. They have more control over their Facebook experience.

Users in India can now “fully” hide their Facebook pages, limiting who can view their posts and images to friends. Women in India, in particular, who desire more control over their Facebook experience, are the target audience for the feature that allows you to lock your profile. As a result of the recent news, Facebook has essentially increased the feature set of its current profile photo guard, giving users total discretion over who they choose to share their profile with.

Once activated, users will be able to “simply” apply numerous current privacy settings as well as a number of new features to their Facebook profiles.

Facebook Profile lock features

Facebook said that locking a profile applies numerous layers of current privacy settings as well as various fresh protections to a user’s Facebook account with just a few taps. When enabled, only friends will be able to zoom in on, share, and download profile and cover photographs as well as view photos and posts, both old and new. A blue label will also be included on the user’s profile page to serve as a reminder that their profile is closed.

How to lock your Facebook profile

When the Profile Photo guard was turned on, others outside the user’s network could not view, zoom into, or download their full-size profile picture. Thanks to the new Facebook Profile Lock, strangers won’t be able to view pictures and posts on a user’s timeline anymore. Any photographs or postings would fall under this, regardless of when they were uploaded.

  • Tap More under your name
  • Tap Lock Profile
  • Tap Lock Your Profile again to confirm

You cannot publish posts to the public when your profile is locked. To achieve that, you must first unlock your profile, therefore before choosing the feature, you must be totally sure of what you want to do or prefer. But it’s wonderful that Facebook now at least gives you that choice.

iPhone users need to do the following steps:

Users who own apple mobile phones can go through the following step to lock their profile on Facebook.

  1. Go to Facebook and click on your name in the bottom-right, three-line menu.
  2. Put three fingers on your name.
  3. Use the Lock Profile button to secure your profile.
  4. Tap Lock Your Profile once again to make sure.

How To Lock Your Facebook Profile On Android Devices:

Users who have android devices can follow the following steps to lock their Facebook profile.

  1. Open the Facebook app on your Android device to get started.
  2. On the home page, click the icon for your profile.
  3. Press the Menu button with three dots.
  4. From the menu on the page, select Lock Profile.

As everyone is aware, Facebook is one of the most widely used social media platforms, with billions of users. Any social media website’s main objective is to publish content for public consumption, such as images, videos, or business concepts. Using it to communicate with individuals around the globe is another option. You can choose from a number of privacy options to alter who can view your postings, and you can even choose to make them visible to only you.

A Facebook account is required to utilize Facebook, as was previously said. With a Facebook account, you may post content, add friends, like pages, watch live videos, and more. You are entering the realm of social media by setting up a Facebook profile, which has advantages and disadvantages. We’ll examine Facebook’s advantages and disadvantages in this piece to assist you in making the most of it.

Facebook’s Advantages

Facebook offers some services that we all utilize, despite the fact that many people find its operations to be objectionable. Here are a few of Facebook’s most notable advantages.

  1. Networking and Communication

After setting up a profile, the user can communicate with his Facebook friends in addition to posting. Chatting is this feature, and it’s located in the lower-left portion of the Facebook screen. The user can chat with his or her pals there and see which of them are online. This is fantastic if you don’t frequently get to meet your cousins, parents, or other relatives because communication is now a lot simpler thanks to the availability of video and voice communication.

Facebook has a tonne of individuals you can connect with and share ideas with, letting you freely express yourself or perhaps meet someone new. This leads to the second advantage.

  1. News and Information

Newspapers were not the most widely used news source when the first iteration of Facebook was published. The reason for this is that Facebook is home to a large number of news reporting pages where you can find news about sports, the state, the nation, and much more. Facebook is a flexible tool because it has a wealth of informative pages that offer free information to individuals who wish to learn more.

  1. Facebook for Business

In terms of business development, Facebook is unparalleled! Because every firm now has a Facebook profile where they may market their own business, Facebook is significant in business. In addition, selling and buying things has been made considerably simpler.

To discover more about a firm or the cost of the products, users can message the sellers or companies directly. Feel free to advertise your business on Facebook if you run one, as it’s a terrific platform for engaging with customers and connecting with other websites.

  1. Entertainment

In order to keep people interested, Facebook, a social networking platform, provides a range of entertaining content, including images, videos, and other media. Even while this can be bad if used improperly, for many individuals it is still a tremendous source of enjoyment. Looking at memes or having a conversation with someone may be really therapeutic, especially if you’re going through a trying moment in your life. Therefore, it is impossible to deny that Facebook often succeeds in making us happy.

  1. Free to Use

Facebook’s cost is one of its unmistakable benefits. Facebook has always been free to use, thanks to its popularity. Because Facebook is free to use, it has expanded its user base and developed into one of the most well-liked social networking sites of all time. Facebook’s accessibility has made it possible for users to utilize it for other purposes, including marketing, political activism, and even business. Facebook has evolved into a dynamic entity today and is still free to use. It is no longer just a basic social networking website. Even better, Facebook offers free live streaming.


How can I 2022 hide my Facebook profile?

On Facebook, tap on the top right corner. Tap Settings, then tap Settings & privacy. You may alter the privacy settings for an option by tapping it once you scroll down to the Audience and visibility section.

How can I find out who saw my Facebook profile while using a mobile device?

Facebook does not allow users to see who has viewed their profile. Additionally, third-party apps are unable to offer this feature. Please report the app if you come across one that makes this claim. Was that of any use?

What nation can lock a Facebook profile in 2022?

The majority of nations, including those in the United States and Canada, do not offer profile locking. Only citizens of Afghanistan, Egypt, India, Iraq, Myanmar, Morocco, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, and Ukraine will be able to lock their profiles as of May 2022.

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