iPhone 15 Pro look, New camera bump, buttons, colors and more expected

iPhone 15 Pro look, New camera bump, buttons, colors and more expected: Although the iPhone 15 series has yet to officially launch, there have already been several leaks that reveal the next iPhones in stunning detail. 9 to 5 Mac is the source of the most recent iPhone 15 Pro leak.(opens in new tab). Numerous CAD-based renderings that showcase the iPhone 15 Pro in fine detail are available. The bigger camera bump, thinner bezels, and revised buttons—which have been the focus of much talk over the next iPhone—are all clearly visible. The overall design of the phone seems to be unchanged, but these photos show a few tiny changes that we may anticipate and that have been confirmed by several sources. This article highlights the details regarding the iPhone 15 Pro look, New camera bump, buttons, colors etc.

iPhone 15 Pro look, New camera bump, buttons, colors and more expected

There are several rumors regarding new features and design modifications for the next iPhone 15 Pro, which is creating a lot of hype in the tech community. Apple hasn’t formally announced anything about the next iPhone, but a number of rumors indicate that it may include redesigned buttons, a new camera bump, and new color possibilities. The camera bulge is one of the most obvious modifications anticipated for the iPhone 15 Pro. In contrast to the circular hump on the existing iPhone models, the new camera module may have a more pronounced and square form, according to rumours. This revamp may have a more advanced camera system with a bigger sensor and superior lens technology, enabling better low-light performance and better-looking photographs.

The buttons on the iPhone 15 Pro are reportedly another update. Apple may make the volume and power buttons more flush with the body of the smartphone. A sleeker, cleaner design may come from this modification, which might also lessen the likelihood of unintentional button pushes. The iPhone 15 Pro could also have new colour options. Apple typically only offers a select few basic colours for its iPhones, but recent rumours indicate that the firm may include additional hues for the iPhone 15 Pro, such as matte black and rose gold.

Even though all of these rumours may thrill Apple enthusiasts, it’s crucial to remember that they are currently only rumours. None of these facts have been confirmed by Apple, and the final device may change significantly from what has been speculated. To be sure, these rumours give us something to look forward to and a general notion of what to anticipate from the next iPhone 15 Pro.

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iPhone 15 Pro Features

The titanium frame is believed to have more rounded edges, which should deliver a more comfortable in-hand feel. If you’re looking for a unique gift, this is it. According to rumors, an entirely new sensor technology will be used for greater light collection and exposure management. Aside from the cosmetic improvements, USB-C is expected to be included to all iPhone 15 models. The charging connector will feature a distinct metal frame with a ribbed texture, and fast charging will be restricted to Apple-certified USB-C cords.

According to rumors, the iPhone 15 Pro will include two new haptic engines specifically designed to simulate button presses, solid-state haptic volume and mute buttons, and more. A push button will serve as the mute switch. The device will feature 1.55mm bezels that perfectly fit into the titanium frame and have a little bend on the front and back glass edges. Along with the usual White, Space Black, and Gold options, the iPhone 15 Pro will now come in a new deep red colour. The iPhone 15 Pro is expected to be somewhat smaller than the iPhone 14 Pro, measuring 70.46mm by 146.47mm with a thickness of 8.24mm, thanks to thinner bezels and a same overall screen size.

These reports provide us a preview of what the iPhone 15 Pro may offer later this year, however nothing can be confirmed until Apple actually launches the device. The Best Companion for Enhancing and Protecting Your Device Is The QuantaCase for iPhone 15 Pro According to recent exclusive claims from 9to5Mac, the iPhone 15 Pro is shaping up to be an exciting smartphone with an all-new titanium casing, rounder-edged design, larger cameras, haptic volume and mute buttons, USB-C connectivity, and a new deep red color option. We are happy to unveil the QuantaCase, which was created especially for this cutting-edge phone, in advance of the release of the iPhone 15 Pro.


Apple fans may look forward to the arrival of the iPhone 15 Pro, which has fresh design elements and likely camera system improvements. Although it’s still too early to predict exactly how the finished product will appear, we can’t help but be optimistic about the potential. Watch for further information and updates from Apple on the impending iPhone 15 Pro.

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