MacBook: How to make your Mac last as long as possible?

How to make your MacBook last as long as possible: MacBooks are expensive and many people buy them as an investment in their professional and/or social life. On average, they last longer than other laptops, but only if properly maintained. If you recently purchased a Mac and want it to last as long as possible, this article is for you.

We will see in this article all the measures to take to optimize the life of our MacBook. This list includes maintenance instructions for the battery, chassis, and software, among other things.

1. Maximize the purchasing budget

Over time, the programs we run on our computer (from its operating system to the third-party software we download) tend to become larger and take up more disk space. Therefore, storage space and memory will become smaller and smaller as we try to store and load our data.

So, a good way to future-proof our MacBook is to maximize our budget, when buying it and get a laptop with more storage space and RAM.

It is more important to assess the amount of RAM we will need. Indeed, while we can always quickly buy external hard drives for additional storage, upgrading RAM on newer Macs is difficult and expensive.

2. Use a protective case

Once you have your MacBook with you, start by protecting its chassis. In particular, there are three main areas to protect here:

  • The chassis: to fully protect our Macbook, it may be useful to purchase a protective cover to ensure maximum protection against damage.
  • The screen: to protect the screen against scratches, we can apply a protective film .
  • The keyboard: regarding the keyboard, we can get a keyboard cover. These can help us prevent scratches or even spills.

3. Handle your MacBook with care

Clip-on cases and rugged cases don’t mean a MacBook can’t be damaged. It is always important to be careful when moving your machine. Mishandling adds wear and tear to the laptop over time.

For example, opening the lid abruptly may not damage the MacBook immediately, but doing so out of habit may gradually cause its hinges to loosen.

The point to remember is to handle the MacBook with care at all times. This includes keeping it away from places where it might get damaged or wet, such as leaving it next to a drink or on the edge of a table.

4. Use the battery wisely

MacBooks have great batteries. They can easily last more than five years if we use them correctly. The trick is not to drain the battery of our MacBook unnecessarily and only use it when we are traveling or if we are not near a power outlet.

At other times, we can leave the AC adapter plugged in and let the laptop power itself directly from the outlet. This technique uses less battery, keeps its cycle count low, and most importantly, keeps the battery’s charge capacity high. In general, the lower the cycle count, the healthier the battery stays.

Additionally, try to find ways to improve your MacBook’s battery life, such as using the right browser and optimizing battery settings. Keeping the battery in good condition can help extend the life of your MacBook.

5. Replace battery when worn out

It is equally important to know when to change the battery. Even if you keep the cycle count low, the battery will eventually wear out – it will lose its charge capacity. However, this should be much slower compared to batteries that are used often.

Look at the maximum cycle count that Apple has designed for your MacBook and keep checking the cycles from time to time. Once the countdown is reached, replace the battery. This will ensure that your MacBook lasts longer in terms of battery life and overall life.

6. Clean your computer regularly

Regular cleaning ensures that our MacBook does not accumulate dirt, which over time can be difficult to remove and can lead to damage (permanent scratches and stains).

Here are some steps to follow:

  1. Using a microfiber cloth and isopropyl alcohol, wipe down the chassis of your MacBook.
  2. Clean the palm rests, cover and base. Similarly, but without alcohol, clean the screen.
  3. Gently clean the keyboard with lightly dried alcohol wipes.

7. Properly Maintain Ports

The ports on our MacBook require separate care. If they get too dusty, they may malfunction. Thus, it helps to lightly brush the ports to keep them clean.

For this we can for example use a toothbrush. However, care must be taken not to damage the connectors inside. On Apple Discussions , some wet area users have complained about their MacBook ports rusting.

It is also important to carefully connect the devices and examine the health of the cord that we connect to our machine. In the worst case, a rusty cable can permanently damage the ports of our MacBook and prevent them from working.

HDE’s silicone plugs are great to use to prevent rust, dust and moisture problems. We can place them on the ports of our MacBook and prevent dust from entering them.

8. Protect the power adapter

Our MacBook’s power adapter is expensive and just as tricky as the laptop itself. We must therefore ensure that we do not damage it. While handling the adapter with care is the obvious option for doing this, we can opt for a protective pouch, like the one from elago .

In addition to the adapter, we also need to pay attention to the cable. Although we can change post-2015 and MagSafe 2021 USB-C cables, it is not possible to do so with pre-2015 cables. breaks, in the worst case.

  1. Avoid using unofficial chargers

Another key to making our MacBook last a long time is to charge it with official chargers. Third-party chargers are often dangerous, and here’s why:

  • They don’t have the security hardware that Apple installs in its chargers.
  • They slow down our MacBook when connected.
  • They may pose a higher risk of catching fire or sparks because they are not as high quality as the original adapters that Apple sells with the MacBook.

To conclude…

If we can develop these habits, we can be sure of having a MacBook that lasts a long time. It all comes down to maintaining our MacBook regularly to get the most out of it.

For this, it is useful to take care of your MacBook from day one by configuring it correctly. You also need to make sure you have activated the service and support coverage to access the warranty if things go wrong.

So much for all these tips that should allow us to keep a MacBook in good condition as long as possible.


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