Samsung Bespoke Life 2023 event: Products, features and more details

Samsung Bespoke Life 2023 Event: The highly anticipated Bespoke Life 2023 event from renowned technology manufacturer Samsung has happened recently, where it has showcased the newest technologies and advancements. Many of which we may see in future soon!

In this post, we’ll examine the event’s highlights while examining the cutting-edge features, developments, and fascinating new products that Samsung Bespoke has to offer. Samsung continues to re-imagine the ideas of personalization and convenience, from individualized household appliances to smart gadgets designed for certain lifestyles.

In order to give readers an in-depth glimpse at the future of Samsung Bespoke ecosystem, we will investigate the distinctive features, svelte designs, and expanded functionality that were introduced at the event. Come explore the world of Samsung’s Bespoke Life 2023 event with us, where innovation and customization are the main focus.

Samsung Bespoke Life 2023 Event: Products, features and more details

A new era for household appliances will begin with Bespoke Life 2023, Samsung Electronics’ third annual showcase of the most recent upgrades to its Bespoke lineup. At the event, which was broadcast live at 10:00 EDT (16:00 CEST, 23:00 KST) on Samsung’s official website, newsroom, and YouTube channel, attendees will have the chance to learn how the company’s expanded “Bespoke Life” idea is influencing people’s lives through sustainability, connectivity, and design.

By rethinking the appliances we use every day, Bespoke Life symbolises Samsung’s dedication to making our homes and the future more sustainable, according to Jong-Hee (JH) Han, Vice Chairman, CEO, and Head of Samsung Electronics’ DX (Device eXperience) Division. He further added that“By introducing new and creative ways for users to ‘Bespoke’ their life, our latest products and solutions empower anyone to enjoy a more sustainable, connected, and stylish lifestyle.”

Sustainable Life – Technologies That Make a Positive Impact

The idea behind Samsung Bespoke Life line of products came from the conviction that having sustainable household appliances is essential. Therefore, the Bespoke event this year will concentrate on Samsung’s efforts to reduce carbon emissions throughout the product lifetime. The new Less MicrofiberTM Filter, a straightforward method for lowering microplastic emissions during laundry cycles1, will also be unveiled.

To reduce energy use and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, Samsung is redesigning every phase of the product lifecycle, from sourcing and manufacture to distribution, usage, and recycling. The operation of a closed-loop recycling facility, the use of bioplastic material made from waste oil in the storage baskets of Bespoke refrigerators, and expanding its use of recycled fishing nets are a few examples of the company’s endeavours to recycle extra resources.

In order to encourage energy savings during the product use phase, Samsung continues to offer services that make energy conservation more accessible. By the end of the year, SmartThings AI Energy Mode will be available in 65 countries2 and will be included in five new Bespoke appliances this year, including Samsung’s Eco Heating System and refrigerators, washers and dryers, dishwashers, and air conditioners.

Samsung maintains its active efforts to reduce microplastic contamination, in addition to supporting lower energy and carbon emissions. Samsung and Patagonia have collaborated once more to offer the Less MicrofiberTM Filter. The Less MicrofiberTM Filter can catch up to 983 microfibers shed during laundry cycles. Other countries, in addition to the United States and the United Kingdom, will begin receiving the Less MicrofiberTM Filter in the third quarter of this year.

Connected Life – Paving the Way for Hyper-Connected Homes

To “Bespoke” your life means to maximise your technology in ways that make your daily tasks easier and more powerful. By boosting connectivity across the board and extending AI to other product categories, Samsung is setting the framework for a new era of hyper-connected homes.

Samsung Bespoke solutions combine the most recent SmartThings advancements from Samsung with AI technology to provide a seamlessly integrated home experience. Customers’ usage patterns are learned by the devices, which then provide customised automation based on their smart home configuration and way of life.

To make it simpler for customers to enjoy those activities, Samsung has announced that it will build Wi-Fi capability into all new Bespoke appliances and make connection a standard in all Samsung appliance lines in the coming years.

The Bespoke JetTM AI, the company’s most potent4 cordless stick vacuum to yet, has been approved for artificial intelligence (AI) by UL (Underwriters Laboratories) Solutions, a renowned independent safety science organisation. The Bespoke JetTM AI offers the performance required to fully clean an entire home with suction power of up to 280W5 and a run time of up to 100 minutes6 each charge.

In order to discriminate between diverse cleaning environments, including different types of floors, its AI Cleaning Mode7 monitors brush load and vacuuming air pressure intelligently. It then automatically optimises parameters including suction power and brush speed9 to improve cleaning performance, usage time, and manoeuvrability.

The groundbreaking All-in-One Clean StationTM, which creates a potent spinning cyclone, is another feature of the vacuum.

Stylish Life – Taking Personalized Design to the Next Level

The three million Bespoke refrigerators that have been sold worldwide since the line’s launch show how enthusiastic people are about appliances that offer more options and functionality than conventional goods.

Today, this re-evaluation of what users should receive from appliances continues to characterize Bespoke design, a design strategy that develops into something more dynamic and distinctive with each new product category it enters.

As of this year, buyers in 52 different countries can choose from 15 different product categories in the Bespoke product line11. A larger range of lifestyles and demands can be catered to with each new addition to the roster. In light of this, Samsung has added the Bespoke 4-Door FlexTM with Family HubTM+ and the Bespoke 4-Door FlexTM to its roster of bespoke refrigerators.

To make it easier for more people to personalise their homes, Samsung keeps expanding its personalization options globally. By using photographs or artwork to build one-of-a-kind refrigerator panels, Samsung’s MyBespoke customisation tool, which has been accessible in the US since last year, enables users to create a kitchen design that authentically reflects their lifestyle.

Samsung Bespoke has announced that the limited-edition Bespoke panels, created by Italian design firm TOILETPAPER and first displayed at Fuorisalone 2023 will be sold at Samsung flagship stores in the UK, the US, and Korea in order to further emphasise the company’s bold design ethos.

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