MacBook Screen Capture Tool: 5 apps to take better Screenshots

MacBook Screen Capture Tool, 5 tools to take better Screenshots: MacOS has a useful built-in screenshot tool. This solution works well and does the job in most cases. However, sometimes we need slightly more advanced features to take the screenshots we need from our Mac.

Especially if we want to crop the screenshots we have taken, annotate them and save them to a particular location. For this, it is necessary to use another screen capture software.

In this guide, discover a selection of five excellent screenshot tools for macOS.

1. Skitch (free)

Skitch is in my opinion the best third-party application to take screenshots from our Mac. It is free to download and use. Note that this is a tool developed by Evernote .

Plus, if you’re an Evernote user, you can enjoy additional benefits by using the two apps together.

Skitch offers a wide variety of features. This solution makes it easy to take screenshots and edit them. Once the application is open, we have access on the left panel to the different options for adding annotations, arrows, text, shapes and marks (as well as the possibility of changing the color and thickness). We also have access to an option to crop the screenshot we just took.

2. Shottr (free)

Shottr is an ultra-lightweight screenshot app for our Mac. This app is a great option for users who cannot download apps using the Mac App Store.

Shottr is simply accessible from the menu bar of our Mac from the “S” icon. This screenshot app offers features that are usually paid for for free . Some examples of this include scrolling screenshots, annotations, zooming in or out on screen, and OCR.

All of these features are only available in the paid versions of most other screenshot apps.

3. Lightshot (free)

Lightshot is another free application that we can download from the Mac App Store. This app also gives you handy tools to take and annotate screenshots .

This solution is very similar to Skitch, but works slightly differently. Once we open the application, we will see a pen icon in the menu bar.

To take a screenshot, we must either go to the pen icon and click on “Take screenshot” or use the shortcut Cmd + Shift + 9. In any case, our screen darkens a little to indicate that the screenshot mode is activated.

Then we just need to drag the frame into the capture area that we want to take the screenshot from. This will open a pair of menus, showing different screenshot options.

In the right menu – we can draw random lines, straight lines, arrows, shapes and add text to your screenshot. We can also change the colors of our annotations. And, in the lower horizontal menu, we can choose to cancel, save, copy, print, share and upload the screenshot to a cloud service (ex: Google Drive ).

Finally, Lightshot asks us for the destination of the screenshot when we click on “Save” . This is a useful feature that can help us, among other things, to avoid having screenshots all over our desktop. ^^

4. Monosnap (paid)

Monosnap is another easy screenshot editing solution for Mac users. This tool is easily obtainable from the App Store. This solution is also available after installation in the menu bar.

We just have to click on the Monosnap icon in the menu bar to access the options to capture the area, capture the full screen and record a video. Along with this, there is an Open option that allows us to edit any screenshot or image we want.

Once we open an image, we have access to an editing interface that allows various modifications such as adding shapes, text, arrows and other annotations . We can then save the image in JPEG or PNG format, anywhere on our Mac.

Another useful thing we can do with Monosnap is to set shortcuts for different functions to make the screen capture process easier and more efficient.

5. Snagit (Paid)

Snagit is probably the best paid software for taking screenshots on a Mac. This application is full of advanced features that allow more screenshot manipulation than most freeware.

With a wide variety of annotation features, Snagit allows us to deeply customize our screenshots. We can select different fonts, add details to the text (like shadows and colors) and even play with the opacity of the text.

This tool is like a mini Photoshop. In addition to the three standard screenshot types (full screen, selected area, and active window), we can also take scrolling screenshots with Snagit. If we manually combined multiple images to create a longer screenshot, Snagit automates it for us with the screenshot scroll feature.

Other features such as OCR (optical character recognition, which allows us to copy text directly from images) and screen recording make Snagit even more unique.

Snagit comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. So, if we realize that we don’t need such a tool after using it once, we can get our money back. There is also a free trial to test the software before purchasing. Snagit is great for people who need to do advanced presentations with their screenshots.

MacBook Screen Capture Tool: To conclude…

Skitch, Shottr, Snagit, Monosnap, and Lightshot are some of the best screenshot apps for Mac currently on the market. They feature simple interfaces and offer extensive annotation features to make our screenshots as clear as possible.


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